I gave a talk this morning in the first ever Droidcon Vietnam! It is about two of the things I love in Android – Plaid and data binding.

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A note on giving back

Recently, there has been a spate of tweets about developers admitting their weaknesses. A bunch of people I know even made into the Moment created by @ThePracticalDev. And then there’s this tweet:

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I just spent an hour debugging an issue that should have been a non-issue at all.

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Troubleshooting autoVerify

So you implement app links and you are 300% sure you have implemented everything correctly. The important thing to remember here is that verification is all or nothing. From the docs:

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The Quirks of Supporting SDK 25

The last developer preview of Android 7.1 has started shipping, which means APIs are (based on past experience) more or less stable. There is a very good write up on developer.android.com on how to get started with supporting these new features. I set about trying it out, and here’s what happened.

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A Little UX Love Goes A Long Way

Yesterday, my bank pushed a notification asking if I’m going to travel. Yes! I am! I filled up the form they asked me to fill up, and tapped Submit.

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Tools of the Trade: Unabridged

I gave an unabridged version of my last Android Meetup talk at this year’s YOW Conference. It has been an honour being part of this awesome conference!

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Tools of the Trade

Here are the slides to my talk at the Android Meetup tonight.

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