📣 PSA: Disabling mapping file uploads with Crashlytics

One of the more famous crash reporting tools used in Android development is probably Crashlytics. It offers up a lot of insight into an app’s performance – from device characteristics to insights on issue commonalities. If, like my current project, obfuscation is enabled in an app, Crashlytics has a Gradle plugin that uploads the mapping file so that we end up with readable crash reports.

~1 min read

Multi-module Lint Rules 🤹‍♀️

I have been learning a LOT about Lint the past year. Our team has grown 5x since I joined more than three years ago, and it became really obvious really quickly that we should be letting robots do a lot of the mundane and repetitive enforcement of our team’s code conventions.

13 min read

Enforcing Team Rules with Lint: Tests 🧐

A few months ago, my team came upon an agreement that when leaving a TODO anywhere in our code, we need to always provide several things:

  • the person who is expected to address the TODO
  • date when the TODO was left
  • a comment or explanation on what needs to be done
4 min read