That Thing About Commit Messages

Last week, I was giving feedback to someone about improving the commit messages they write. I was very taken aback by their response – “it does not matter what the commit messages are”. Now this is confusing for me, mainly because I know from years of experience that having relevant commit messages is important.

1 min read

Parsing Data Binding Errors

Learning something new is always fun and exciting. That is, until seemingly cryptic error messages start creeping up.

1 min read

Binding to the H(eight)

As would probably be obvious by now, I have been investing a lot of time in learning and using data binding.

1 min read

I Like Walls

I have always been told I’m stubborn. And I am. So jumping off this post, I continued doing instant apps stuff and I learnt more things this week.

1 min read

Children, Respect Your Parent(s)

I was updating a bit of code the other day that involved dynamically inflating views into a LinearLayout using DataBindingUtil.inflate(LayoutInflater.from(context), R.layout.row_related_property, container, false).

1 min read

There is Always Room for Improvement

During the beginning of my Android career, one of the things I had to do was to save some data to somewhere. I found out that for my purposes, I had to use an SQLite database. Reading through the docs, I was afraid. Petrified, even.

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