Selectively Resetting SharedPreferences

I have recently been working on a feature that has a bunch of pre-conditions. Things like the user must be logged in AND the feature flag has to be turned on AND it only appears the first time the user lands on the screen.

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Effectively Wrangling Together a Bunch of Views

One bit of task that I find myself doing over and over again is managing a bunch of Views and their visibility. In the olden days <insert old person handwave>, before there was ConstraintLayout, I have written my fair share of container_s to make this task manageable. Say we have to do something like this:

2 min read

Referencing IDs in Data Binding

Last week, I was talking to someone on my team and it became apparent that they weren’t aware of one super useful feature of data binding. If you know me at all, you know that I like love this library, and I would take every opportunity to spread the love around.

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Next Move

Today is my last day at Domain. After three years, seven months, and three days, it is time to move out.

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That Thing About Commit Messages

Last week, I was giving feedback to someone about improving the commit messages they write. I was very taken aback by their response – “it does not matter what the commit messages are”. Now this is confusing for me, mainly because I know from years of experience that having relevant commit messages is important.

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Parsing Data Binding Errors

Learning something new is always fun and exciting. That is, until seemingly cryptic error messages start creeping up.

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Binding to the H(eight)

As would probably be obvious by now, I have been investing a lot of time in learning and using data binding.

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I Like Walls

I have always been told I’m stubborn. And I am. So jumping off this post, I continued doing instant apps stuff and I learnt more things this week.

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