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Today is my last day at Domain. After three years, seven months, and three days, it is time to move out.

I will forever be grateful to Domain for bringing me to Australia. Everyone has welcomed this tiny Filipina with open arms, helping me adjust to a new country (there were a lot of trips to the pub).

They also made me jump out of a plane

Our scrappy little app has grown so much over the years. I could never be prouder of what we have accomplished over the years.

We finally get 4.0 🌟!

We were able to share our Developer Story to the world, got a bunch of awards, get recognised as one of the best apps of the year, and launched a lot of features.

I spy with my little eye the Domain logo at Google I/O!

Since joining Domain, I have become a Google Developer Expert, vastly expanded my speaking portfolio, learnt how to bake, and most importantly, met some pretty great people. 😊

What a rollercoaster it has been!