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Welp. Here we are. Another year is about to end.

For a lot of reasons several times throughout the year, I cannot wait for it to be over.

I welcomed the new year in the midst of a throng, freezing in the cold New York night, waiting for fireworks that never came. If there’s a more apt metaphor for the year that this has been, I do not know.

A lot happened this year, including moving this blog from its home of eight years, to shiny new Github pages. I crunched up some numbers and came up with this infographic (thanks Canva!):

That is probably more flying hours than I have ever flown before this year combined :sweat_smile:

A few more days of work and then I fly for the last time this year to Walt Disney World! Sooooo excited!

As a farewell, thank YOU for sticking with me throughout 2017! See you next year and have a great holidays!