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Aaaaaaaand an update literally two minutes after I posted this: I was told that the data binding fix made it to the latest Android Studio Canary release.

I still opt to keep the config in my gradle file, but should be less necessary now.

Our team has been super busy lately.

Aside from working on two big feature changes, we have been working on merging our AndroidX migration. It is a lot changes!

If you have used data binding before, chances are you have come across this one pervasive issue: when any annotation processor fails, data binding throws up and you end up seeing a million errors in your logs.

We use data binding quite a bit in the app, so when a build fails (and there’s a good chance they will!) during this transition period, we see so many errors. So. Many.

There are plans to fix this though!

Anyway, we have so many errors that all I see are data binding issues and the real actual issue is invisible. I have no idea where to look first.

BUT! TIL that we have a way of actually seeing more errors!

If you’re using Kotlin, Kapt provides some Java compiler options:

kapt {
    javacOptions {
        // Increase the max count of errors from annotation processors.
        // Default is 100.
        option("-Xmaxerrs", 500)

And for the Java variant:

gradle.projectsEvaluated {
    tasks.withType(JavaCompile) {
        options.compilerArgs << "-Xmaxerrs" << "500"

Thank you so much to @Yigit Boyar for sharing this tip with me!