Guys!! Eclipse just went all Inception on me!

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Adding a float value to your resources

Earlier today, I was trying to figure out how to add a float value to constants file. What I used to do was add a string value in my strings.xml, retrieve the string value, and convert it to float.

float floatFromFile = Float.valueOf(getResources().getString(R.string.my_float));
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Quick Tip: git cloning

A user-friendly way of cloning a git repo is through the eGit plug-in in Eclipse. But sometimes, especially on Windows machines, Eclipse has trouble cleaning up after itself after completing a clone operation. The best workaround for this is to clone the repo from git bash and then import the repo in Eclipse.

default@ZDOMINGUEZ-T420 ~
$ git clone<your git repo> <local folder to check out to>
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Selenium and File Downloads

Lately, one of my tasks has been to automate regression tests on one of our apps. Since this is a web app, we are using Selenium. Here, I enumerate the steps to configure Firefox for file downloading using Selenium and JUnit by foregoing the downloads dialog box.

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MongoDB and Authentication

By default, MongoDB allows access to the database without authentication. Adding a user with a username/password is easy, but authenticating might be a bit tricky since the official documentation does not say the command directly.

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Hello, it’s me again.

To my two readers out there, hello! It’s been a while since I posted here. I was transferred to another (non-Android) project and lost all my Internet privileges, hence the silence. I still can’t believe almost every other site is blocked by the office firewall! Makes software development ten times harder. Ugh.

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Where’s my

This afternoon, I tried importing an existing project into Eclipse. Doing a Project > Clean usually clears up the not found errors, but this time it didn’t work. I tried re-importing the project, copy-and-pasting it into a new workspace, restarting Eclipse, but the error is still there.

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