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I sit down with Enrique López Mañas to talk about some of my learnings over the years in tech.

From the Amazon description: Reflect, refactor & refresh! Top developers, leaders & innovators in tech share the career advice they wish they’d had when they started. It’s like chatting over coffee with your favorite people in tech — but better!

It’s hard to make it as a developer in today’s tech world, and even harder to find mentors who can give you the straight advice on what it takes to go from good, to great, to amazing.

But — what if you could pick the brains of today’s top developers, leaders and innovators in tech…

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If you’re struggling to make your mark in the competitive tech industry, then this book is what you need to make your best career move — no matter whether you’re a developer for a big corporation, a scrappy solo entrepreneur, or someone in between.

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