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We had another round of Innovation Day at Domain last month, and I wrote about it. We started out dreaming up this ambitious project – too ambitious for two days! Here’s a partial list of what we had to do:

  • Build a wall
  • Stick devices on said wall
  • Make app that cycles through photos from listings
  • Load said app on those devices that we stuck to the wall
  • Figure out how to track people who get devices
  • What if someone just gets a device?!
  • Figure out how to let people give back devices
  • Oh! oh! oh! Wouldn’t it be cool if other devices cheer when one of them “comes home”?
  • How do we put new versions of the app on those devices?
  • Run tests, maybe?
  • What if the website team wants to test responsive designs?
  • Do they even charge????!!!

It was a LOT of work. But it was awesome.